About Peter Cannella And Performing With Choper Jazz Project

Peter Cannella describes his sound as traditional pop, swing and jazz. Also an accomplished songwriter and arranger, the singer plans to throw in an occasional original featuring a combination of traditional pop and dominant elements of modern music. This versatile musical combination makes The Choper Jazz Project featuring Peter Cannella the ideal band for all kinds of events because of the music’s multi-generational appeal.

Cannella’s favorite singer has always been Sinatra. Growing up in New Jersey, his father played him Sinatra’s CDs, and together they faithfully listened every Sunday to the radio show “Sunday with Sinatra.” At 8 years of age, he started singing songs by Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Dean Martin and has been singing these standards ever since. Some of the tenor’s favorite classics include Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife.”

Brian Choper, the band’s drummer, band manager and BSR CEO, adds that the concerts by Choper Jazz Project featuring Peter Cannella will feature these familiar tunes from the past. “Peter often emulates Sinatra with that unforgettable style and finesse, while other times singing his own way. The song ‘Georgia’ is a good example of his range,” Choper continues. “No matter how he goes about it, with the band backing him up, the result is a jaw-dropping, memorable performance.”

Considering that he likes today’s music as well as the standards from years ago, Cannella has also created a unique new sound for himself that combines the best of the classic and contemporary. The singer admits that he sounds a bit like Michael Buble’, but not because he is trying to sound like him. “I like his arrangements and naturally have that sound,” Peter notes with a smile.

Peter says his passion for singing requires hard work and a long-term commitment to BSR. “It’s all about talent, and cultivating and producing it,” he says. “Working with BSR is a great and unique opportunity for people like me, because it gives the artist a profession that we get to be ourselves in.”

To find out more about what Choper, Co-Founder Tony Barnes and other members of the BSR team are calling one of the most exciting musical discoveries in recent years, give them a call at 301.441.8899. Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing Peter Cannella!

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