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Bigshot Records Founder and Owner Brian Choper is a musician first, but he is also a band manager and an Executive Producer. He is an internationally renowned drummer/percussionist with over 35 years of performance experience with bands that range from the corporate party band to major international touring groups. Click here to continue reading.
WEC is the parent company for Big Shot Records. In other words, bands are scouted and listed with WEC, and if they qualify, they may then be invited to list with Big Shot Records.  We take our best talent and carefully categorize them into band types and genres. Read on to find out more benefits of being part of the WEC family.
It is important that once any artist is ready to record, to do so in an environment known and capable of producing a stellar video and sound recording result. This is why the in-house facility. Everyone involved in the production work together to make sure the end result is right.

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Into the Beat is a blog brought to you by Brian Choper, Washington’s Entertainment Connection, Gigs for You, and Big Shot Records. Enjoy & get into the beat!

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