Founder Brian Choper has had considerable experience in the studio (link to bio).

Throughout his career, Brian has always believed that to get the best production possible, you need to either film the band live at an event, or create a studio atmosphere so comfortable and real, it feels live even when done in the studio. Choper recognized that the most compelling videos for artists or bands were live music performances recorded in front of an enthusiastic audience. After much thought and realizing the need for this for his own bands and his own label, he created a unique new video production concept.

Instead of working exclusively out of a studio, Choper has developed a production concept that is totally mobile. So it’s not about the location of the filming, but about the interaction between the artist or band and the audience. This method incorporates exceptional on-site production capabilities for capturing live, pristine sound and video at any venue. This process is Choper Studio One (CS1).

For CS1, Choper has assembled a superb video and audio production team, incorporating state-of-the-art equipment and technology for capturing live music performances in HD format. Also, CS1 has access to multiple post production facilities for editing, graphics and special effects to enhance the final production. CS1 can edit full concerts for commercial viewing, as well as promotional videos featuring concert highlights for media or web advertising usage. And CS1 creates concert and promotional videos that are ideally suited for electronic press kits.

In today’s challenging music industry, artists and bands must maximize opportunities to be seen and heard through internet and digital technologies. To work this new medium, video is the most effective method of promotion, and videos of live music performances are the most compelling. Capturing an artist or band giving a great concert performance in front of an enthusiastic audience is the best way to generate new fans and persuade venues to book them. CS1 specializes in the production of high quality concert and promotional videos that get an artist or band noticed and booked.